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Kegel weights are becoming more and more known today. The principle behind it is that it strengthens the pubococcygeus muscle or the pelvic floor muscles, thus, it improves the functioning of the urethral or rectal sphincter.

In kegel exercise, you must take into consideration where the right muscles are located. Basically, many women are contracting their thighs or even their abdominal muscles while performing this exercise – which shouldn’t be the case. Instead, the workout should focus on the pubococcygeus muscles to come up with the desired results. Few strategies are now into place to help those who are suffering from urinary incontinence to identify the right muscles. This way, incontinent individuals will be able to properly contract the right muscles through the use of kegel weights.

The success of using kegel weights usually depends on appropriate strategy of using the device along with pelvic floor exercise. In addition to that, adherence to regular resistance program also contributes to achieve better results. But still, the biggest challenge is recognizing where their pubococcygeus muscles are located so that the weights can be applied to it correctly.

Various Kegel Weights

  • Aquaflex - The biggest is comparable to a super tampon size. The cones can be separated to permit the kegel weights to be placed in. While your pelvic muscles progresses from employing a bigger cone without the weights. The stronger your muscles are, the easier for you to find and use the smallest cone, this is actually the heaviest.
  • VagaCare – Easily the most efficient among the three, its kegel weights kegel weights ergonomically designed features can perfectly fit in the most convenient spot in the vagina. As compared to other products, it has the most weight and the product comes with amazing storage case – where you can conveniently put the weights when not in use. Some products are kegel weightslong and large, making it hard to put in the weights properly. But with VagaCare, it comes in with just the right fit. The materials used in it are hypoallergenic and it is not difficult to set in place. That is why VagaCare is considered the best product offering vaginal weights. This type of management along with general knowledge on how to locate the right muscles will give off fantastic results.

Kegel weights are types of assistance devices that are intended to isolate the portion of the weak muscles that need management to make it stronger. Several weights are very much discreet and some are quite large. Some weights can be separated in order to permit cleaning of the device.

When you place the weights in your vagina, the muscles in your pelvic floor will mechanically contract within the weights. This will give you signal that it is contracting the pubococcygeus muscles.

Sometimes, it usually takes to exert voluntary effort to retain the proper functioning of the weights inside your vagina. Actually, it is the reflex action that strengthens and exercises the muscles in your pelvic floor. In several situations, some are using these weights up to twenty minutes per day. There are also some cases that they use the device until their pelvic floor muscles are exhausted or tired.

Basically, you can establish a daily routine for better outcome. One of the interesting features of VagaCare kegel weights is that you can use them even while doing all your tasks at the same time. The VagaCare weights lessens the occurrence of urinary incontinence and can do wonders for your sex life.

Other Benefits of VagaCare

  • Strengthens orgasm
  • Increased sexual satisfaction (for you and partner)
  • Increases amount of lubrication – which takes away pain during intercourse
  • Stronger sexual desire

Behavioral program or therapy focuses on non-invasive management of symptoms. This is usually your initial step in the development of stronger pelvic floor muscles. Do not teach yourself to merely rely on disposable underwear or even pads. They may actually aggravate the problem. Up to this date, kegel weights are considered to be the most widespread form of conventional management for incontinence.


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